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Microchip PIC Firmware Development.

Specialist PIC Micro for DC Motor Control

ADEPT Circuits specialise in the use of the Microchip PIC18F series of embedded microcontrollers as an integral part of a circuit design. These low cost and yet powerful 8/16 bit microprocessors offer a tremendous degree of flexibility in a circuit design. They allow the design to evolve without having to commit to expensive PCB modifications.

We write PIC firmware in a reduced command-set version of the standard language 'C', which is then converted into machine code using an efficient professional grade 'C' compiler. The language 'C' is used to minimise design time and is written at a low level to avoid the potential pitfalls associated with some compiled high level commands on microprocessor performance.

Firmware is initially programmed into a PIC device during factory test and can be conveniently updated in the field via RS232 or USB.